Holistic Massage

What Is Holistic Massage?

Holistic massage aims to promote health and transformation on all levels. It balances all the elements in the body, physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual and creates harmony between the individual and the environment. Helping to restore balance and harmony, the body’s own healing energies are released promoting a feeling of well-being.

It maintains general health and fitness and it may complement traditional medicine in the treatment of specific conditions and symptoms, and offers relaxation in our often hectic lifestyles.

Holistic massage is the therapeutic application of touch, using a range of movements or strokes upon the skin, muscles and joints. It has significant benefits for all the body’s essential systems.

For this reason, a professional therapist will have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the body and its system.

The Benefits Of Holistic Massage Ailments It May Help With
– Relax the body – Neck and shoulder pain
– May restore and balance energy – Digestive disorders
– Improve breathing – General health and wellbeing
– Encourage sleep – Back pain
– Helps circulation flow – Sciatica
– Enhance well-being and improve mood – Headaches, migraines
– May improve digestion – Joint pain
– May improve condition of the skin – Menstrual problems
– Relax tight muscles – Asthmatic symptoms
– May help stiff joints – Depression, anxiety
– May boost immunity – Sleep disturbances


What To Expect In Treatment

Massage treatments are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. During the first treatment an approximately 20 min. consultation is therefore essential, to fully assess and understand your needs, as well as the symptoms your condition presents.

All personal information is treated in absolute confidentiality.

The duration and frequency of treatments is very much your personal choice but for those presenting specific symptoms or conditions the preparation of a treatment plan in discussion with me is often helpful. To obtain maximum benefit, a course of treatments would be advisable.

My massage is special in that it is based on a multidiscipline format. Not only do I use strokes introduced by Henrik Ling in the 18th Century, but I have also adopted techniques from Californian Massage. I work on meridians that come from Shiatsu, zones that originate from Reflexology, Acupressure Points and Polarity Therapy for balancing energies.

I will be using special oils specifically tailored to your skin and condition to improve the flow of the massage movements.

All massages are done with special attention to your dignity. Any areas not been worked on will be covered with a beautiful sheet at all times.

“Just feel that the body is relaxed and then forget the body”

“Holistic Massage should not be used in place of conventional medical care. Always consult your GP or a health professional for medical attention and advice.”